Healthy solution for your spine and shape

Within our medical program, we offer you the state-of-the-art model of clogs which, due to its specific, rugged design, put the spine in neutral position. They are ideal for persons who spend whole day on feet or those who work all day around the house. Tests have shown that the several groups of muscles on the legs and back are activated, what additionally strengthens them.

If you spend most of the working day on feet, surely you are familiar with the pain in the lower part of your spine, the feeling of heaviness in legs and “burning” sensation in feet. Our special clogs differ from the others because of its curved, uneven soles, which redistribute the pressure while walking to the muscles of the entire body. It has been proven that this method of walking is the healthiest, most natural and best adapted to our anatomy, and thus has many benefits for our body and health.

Special "Anti-Stress" clogs produced by the company "Aleksandar" especially strengthen the muscles of the whole body - it will improve your body posture during walking and you will burn more calories because your muscles will work more intensively. You will also experience a number of other positive effects:

  • Feet and toes relief
  • Disappearance of pain in the back and ankles
  • Improved circulation

Walking is healthy!

Walking is perhaps the most underestimated physical activity today, which almost has disappeared from the list of sports, due to the presence of various aggressively advertised fitness and wellness types of workout... Who would have believed that walking is actually a fantastically effective and healthy physical activity?

Walking is 100% eligible for all mobile persons, but is also acceptable for a number of patients with chronic diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure or problems with heart, who can not practice any serious aerobic exercise - when they need to regulate body weight. Walking is a safe activity with the lowest risk of injury among all sports activities.

The main goal should be to adopt walking as a routine method of healthy physical activity - walk with the company or with your dog, and use every opportunity to walk instead of driving. Scientists have proven that people who move a lot, even just around the house, always doing something, accumulate less adipose tissue and feel better than inactive persons.

Good shoes are necessary prerequisite for healthy walking. You need a high quality shoes that preserve the health of your spine and legs. "Aleksandar" models of clogs and slippers are designed to significantly mitigate the effects of standing for a long time and reduced movement, due to its technical characteristics.


Walking is good for your heart: improves heart functions, lowers blood pressure and helps you to maintain a proper body weight.

30 minutes general health benefits
30-40 minutes for the prevention of obesity
45-60 minutes to maintain energy consumption and for a slimming effect
60 minutes to reduce body weight
60-80 minutes to reduce the level of obesity

Did you know that...

  • Walking burns roughly the same number of calories per kilometer as running!
  • One kilometer of walking at a rattling pace (in 9.5 minutes) is equivalent to 1km of running (in 13.5 minutes)!
  • Overweight persons will burn more calories than people with normal weight, by walking the same distance at the same pace.